Thank you for joining me as a
YES TO SUCCESS 2020 Affiliate!

Please mark your calendar for this long-anticipated launch of Yes to Success 2020.

Yes to Success 2020 is a New Paradigm of Success for your Ultimate all areas.
I’m happy to share that I will be creating world-class pre-launch and webinar content that is 40 years in the making.
I will be teaching the Yes to Success 2020 course LIVE via Zoom video for 10 weeks beginning June 25th. 

The launch will begin on June 9th and cart will close on June 23rd.

Below are the key mailing dates to share the powerful and inspiring free Yes To Success 2020 content with your on-line communities
(and don’t forget your friends and family members!):

  • Suggested mailing dates: June 9th - June 10th
    Pre -Launch Video #1 - Aligning With Your Highest Truth
    (Video #1 goes live June 9th)
  • Suggested Mailing Dates: June 11th - June 12th
    Pre-Launch Video #2 - Empower Your Mind
    (Video #2 goes live June 11th)
  • Suggested Mailing Dates: June 13th - June 14th
    Pre-Launch Video #3 - Heal Your Heart
    (Video #3 goes live June 13th)
  • Suggested Mailing Dates: June 15th - June 17th
    "Sales" Webinar: Just Say Yes! The Five Pillars for Your Yes To Success Ultimate Life
    (Webinar broadcast date: Tuesday, June 16th)
  • Suggested Mailing Dates: June 18th - June 20th (replay June 21st and 22nd)
    Yes-A-thon LIVE! A 5 hour open cart event featuring celebrity guests!
    (Yes-A-Thon broadcast date: Saturday, June 20th)
  • Suggested Mailing Date: June 23rd
    Cart Closes Tuesday, June 23rd at midnight

We will be in touch shortly with instructions to log-in to the Affiliate Center where you will find everything you need to help us knock this launch out of the park
including your unique affiliate links, swipe copy and more.

For every person who purchases the $297 program, you will receive a 40% referral commission or $118.80 per person.  You will be paid within one week of the end of the 30-day satisfaction guaranteed period.

As I've mentioned before, I am beyond thrilled to be working with some of the greatest “master” launch creators and marketers in the industry and we are confident that this launch will run as smooth as silk and your people will be served in the best and most respectful way possible.  Together this incredible team has created almost 150 launches including those grossing millions for names you will recognize like Margaret Lynch, Lisa Sasevich, Ted McGrath, Ken Stone, Suzanne Evans, Jack Canfield & Pamela Bruner, Marcia Weider, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, and, of course, my Your Year of Miracles Launch with my glorious partner in miracles, Marci Shimoff.

Our affiliate partners in previous launches we’ve executed have earned an average of $1 - $4 per “click” for their promotions with some partners experiencing EPC’s of $13 or more—and we are looking forward to this being our highest converting launch to date. 

Need help? Please feel free to get in contact with Renee Porteous at 

We look forward to supporting you supporting us in creating a
new paradigm of success for our planet.

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